One more sale - Steinberg Cubasis, KORG Gagdet and GarageBand

It's now ten days before Apple shuts down the iOS (and macOS) app affiliate program, so this is basically my last chance to try to persuade you to buy some awesome iOS music making apps and make a few cents in the process.

Steinberg Cubasis 2.6

Steinberg just released version 2.6 of their mighty Cubasis for iPad, and it is on sale for one week, until 24 September 2018. It is now 27.99 € (or your local equivalent), which is 50% off. The in-app purchases are half price too, so now might be a good time to also stock up on the Waves plug-in bundle (with AudioTrack Channel Strip, L1 Ultramaximizer and Q10 Equalizer).

Cubasis is something of a winner if you want a traditional DAW equivalent on your iPad. It is a lot like its desktop daddy, Cubase, and you can also export your projects to continue with them using the desktop version.

Get Cubasis 2 on the App Store:

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KORG Gadget

KORG Gadget is a mobile sequencer wrapped around a collection of somewhat specialized virtual instruments or "gadgets". Since those instruments were made by KORG, the sound quality is top notch. Some of the Gadgets share an engine with other standalone synth apps from KORG, so if you buy, let's say, the iM1 synth, you will be able to use its essentials inside Gadget.

KORG Gadget (latest version 3.6.2) and selected in-app instrument purchases are on sale until 27 September 2018. Gadget is 50% off at 21.99 € (or your local equivalent), and many in-app purchases are 30% or 33% off. See the KORG website for details.

Get KORG Gadget on the App Store:

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GarageBand for iOS

Apple's own GarageBand for iOS was just updated to version 2.3.6. It is not on sale, because it is free. This update gives you the ability to import MIDI files and new loops to download and throw into your project.

However, this latest version 2.3.6 of GarageBand requires iOS 12, which was released just a few days ago. So if you haven't updated yet, back up your iPad (or iPhone) and start downloading and installing.

Get GarageBand on the App Store:

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