LinPlug stops plug-in development after 15 years

Independent instrument and effect developer LinPlug of Berlin, Germany, is stopping the development of their plug-ins after over 15 years in the business.

LinPlug was one of the earliest developers of VST plug-ins, later followed by Audio Units for OS X. In a newsletter sent out June 2, 2017, company founder Peter Linsener wrote:

[But] at some point I found that there is already everything available thats needed. I found the market to move into the newer, bigger, crazier direction to gain attention and sales.

Existing licenses are still valid, but there will most likely be no more updates.

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Over the years there have been some solid performers from the LinPlug stable, like Alpha, CrX4 (née CronoX), RM IV and RM V, and of course their biggest hit, the venerable Albino, developed in cooperation with sound programming legend Rob Papen.

Currently all available plug-ins are priced at US \$49 in the LinPlug webshop, so there is still a chance to get any of the current synths at a bargain price. For the older ones, LinPlug advises you to download the installers just in case the website goes away some time in the future.

Since discovering LinPlug in 2005 I have bought almost all of their synths and updated them regularly. They are used in almost every piece of electronic music I have published, so I would like to personally thank Peter and all other involved in LinPlug operations for the great sounds and inspiration.

It is sad to see LinPlug cease development. As an indie developer it must be hard to compete against the marketing muscle of Native Instruments or Ableton (both also from Berlin), but also with smaller companies like U-He (also from Berlin -- what do they put in the water there to have all this music software come out?).

I personally would have liked to see LinPlug expand their Audio Unit offering to iOS through the App Store with Audio Unit v3, and to also beef up the macOS side and maybe market Audio Units in the Mac App Store. The LinPlug synthesizers sound great and offer versatile sound manipulation options, and they would be right at home in any iOS DAW. Also, Reason just recently gained VST support, so there could be another market to tap into.