Holiday sales for iPad musicians

So your wallet survived Black Friday and Cyber Monday? It's not over yet, now start the holiday sales. If you are an iPad musician, you owe yourself to check out these deals, since they are a great opportunity to stock up on amazing iOS music apps.

Here is a roundup of the sweetest end-of-year / holiday deals I could find. Prices are quoted at the time of writing, and may change at any time (probably won't until their respective deadlines, but don't blame me if they do).

Native Instruments iMASCHINE 2 is \$4.99 (normally \$9.99) - no indication of when the sale ends, but it is an essential purchase.

Elastic Drums half price (\$4.99 not \$9.99) until end of 2016:
Elastic Drums - O-G-SUS

Cubasis 2 special price until January 9, 2017 (now \$24.99, regular price \$49.99):
Cubasis 2 - Mobile Music Creation System - Steinberg Media Technologies GmbH

KORG iWavestation 33 % off until January 5, 2017 (\$19.99 instead of \$29.99 )

KORG Gadget 50 % off until January 5, 2017 (\$19.99 instead of \$39.99). In-app purchases are also discounted 33–50%.

KORG iM1 50 % off until January 5, 2017 (\$14.99 instead of \$29.99)

IK Multimedia Amplitude is 40 % off at \$11.99 (regular \$19.99) until December 31, 2016. Also some in-app purchases are discounted.
AmpliTube for iPad - IK Multimedia
AmpliTube - IK Multimedia

IK Multimedia UltraTuner for iPhone is \$5.99 (regular \$9.99) until December 31, 2016.
UltraTuner - Ultra Precise Chromatic Tuner for Guitar, Bass, Strings, Brass and More - IK Multimedia

IK Multimedia SampleTank is \$11.99 (regular \$19.99) until December 31, 2016.
SampleTank - IK Multimedia

Quantiloop live looper is \$5.99 instead of \$9.99. Grab it now, version 2 incoming!
Quantiloop - Live Quantizing Looper - Stephan Marx

Alexandernaut's amazing Fugue Machine is on sale through January 12, 2017 (and all other Alexandernaut apps too).
Fugue Machine | multi-playhead sequencer - Alexandernaut

I don't know how long the Arturia sale will last, but iSEM, iMini and iProphet are still \$4.99 each, and iSpark is \$9.99.
iSEM Synthesizer - Arturia
iMini Synthesizer - Arturia
iProphet Synthesizer - Arturia
Arturia iSpark - Arturia

I'll probably add more when I come across more. I have personally purchased all the apps mentioned here now or earlier, so I should be able to answer any questions you may have about how they work, individually or together through Inter-App Audio or Audiobus. Many of these apps also work on the iPhone, but some have separate versions for tablet and phone.