SampleTank 2 for iOS – A World of Sound at Your Fingertips

SampleTank 2 for iOS is a new version of one of the pioneers of iPad music apps. The first mobile SampleTank was released in 2011, and it has progressed through a landscape that has seen ever faster iPads and iPhones, and ever better music-making applications coming available on the App Store. Any iOS music app faces some stiff competition nowadays, so SampleTank has had to keep up in terms of features and sounds, but apart from the gap year in 2014, IK Multimedia has rolled with iOS changes, while also innovating with Amplitude both on the desktop and in iOS.

[caption id="attachment_1500" align="aligncenter" width="660"]sampletank2ios{.wp-image-1500 .size-large width="660" height="495"} SampleTank 2 for iOS has a handy help layer to point out the controls.[/caption]

IK Multimedia from Italy really knows sample-based virtual instruments (of course, they know modelling, too). Ever since the early 2000s SampleTank has been a contender in the sample-based workstation space, but after 2003's SampleTank2 it went a long time without a major upgrade. Finally, in 2014, SampleTank 3 was released for Windows and Mac OS X, with frequent point updates so that know it's at version 3.5, and editions ranging in depth from the free SampleTank Custom Shop to the humongous 52-gigabyte SampleTank MAX. Also, most of the sound libraries for SampleTank 2 are compatible, but there are also many new ones.

Along with the great samples, a big part of SampleTank is the engine that plays them. Now the engine of SampleTank 3 for the desktop computers has been ported to iOS, and why not – the latest iPhones and iPads pack more punch than PCs or Macs when ST2 was released in 2003. So it's now possible to enjoy the great sounds on the iPad or iPhone and use the SampleTank engine in iOS apps like GarageBand through Inter-App Audio or Audiobus.

If you're looking for a workstation quality music app for quickly putting together tracks and arrangements on the move on your iPad or iPhone, SampleTank 2 is one of the obvious choices. It has a large library of quality sounds, augmentable with in-app purchases, and despite its busy looks it is actually quite easy to use when you sit down and get to work.

IT'S A DEAL: at the time of this writing, SampleTank 2 for iOS is only €/\$ 1.99 on the App Store (normally €/\$ 19.99), with all the in-app purchases half price. Soon it will be replaced by another sale, namely the Scary App Deal, which gets you SampleTank and other IK Multimedia music apps for €/\$ 4.99 each until the end of October 2016.

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