Konesoitto in English

Hello, world!

Konesoitto was established in July 2013 to serve Finnish-speaking home studio and digital music making enthusiasts in Finland. Slowly the readership has increased, and the site now has on average 350 weekly visitors.

In recent months there has been an increase in page views from outside of Finland. Coincidentally, I have been entertaining ideas of publishing some articles in English, since Finland is a small market, and there is a limited audience for this type of material.

If you are a non-Finnish speaker, could you take the time to say hi in the comments, and tell a little bit about how you ended up here, and what you were looking for.

I've decided to run a little experiment. During the month of March (starting a week from now) I will be publishing only English-language posts. If you like then, and would like that to continue, please tell others about this resource by sharing the site link on Twitter, Facebook and so on.

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