Black Friday 2017 deals

Here are some Black Friday deals for iOS and Mac musicians (OK, a lot of Windows, too).

Audio Damage

Audio Damage have ported many of their desktop effect plug-ins to iOS and into the AUv3 format. They have a Black Friday sale on them going on, ridiculously cheap:

  • Dubstation 2 for US $2.99 (dub delay)
  • Replicant 2 for US $2.99 (buffer effect)
  • Eos 2 for US $3.99 (four reverb algorithms)
  • Pumphouse for US $1.99 (sidechaining pumping effect)
  • Grind for US $2.99 (distortion)
  • QuatroMod for US $2.99 (multi-effect with chorus, flanger, diffusor and frequency shifter)

The Rough Rider 2 compressor and the Fuzz Plus 3 filter/distortion are free now as always.

The Audio Damage desktop plug-ins and synths are also on sale – 35 % off with a discount code available on their web site.


KORG Gadget 3.5 for iOS has just been released with new gadgets — there is a special  half price offer 21.99 € until November 30, 2017. The new gadgets  – Lisbon, Vancouver and DeeMax – are also 33 % off.

The latest macOS version, 1.5, is also on half price sale for the same time. Get it for US $149 or equivalent.


Cubasis 2.3 has just been released, and is on half price sale until December 5th (and so are the FX Packs). The biggest new thing appears to be the inclusion of Waves plug-ins as in-app purchases – this could be a big thing for iOS music making.

IK Multimedia

On sale until 30 November, 2017.

Native Instruments

NI has their annual Thanksgiving sale from 14 to 30 November, with 50% off of the price of KOMPLETE (updates too), sound libraries, MASCHINE expansions, and more.


Today (20 November 2017) only: Modstep is half price.


Black Friday sale: many sound products on sale, with up to 80% off. Upgrade to Reason 10 is 99 € (that’s 30 € off) until Monday 27 November.

D16 Group

Coupon code delivered by e-mail to registered customers gives you 40% off of all D16 Group plug-ins between November 24th and 27th.


Summer sale for KORG Gadget and family

KORG have launched their customary summer sale for virtual instruments and applications. Until August 20, 2017 you can get Gadget for Mac, Gadget for iOS, and other iOS apps for up to half price. If you have been sitting on the fence about any of these, now would be a good time to get any or all of them.

KORG Gadget for iOS

In the three years of its existence, KORG Gadget has become one of the premier music making apps on iOS, due to its excellent collection of virtual instruments and sound content. It also features a user interface that is well suited for constructing loops, phrases, and indeed whole songs on a touch screen.

After long last, version 3.0 introduced the Zurich gadget for audio recording, so now you can make your own samples, or have vocals in your Gadget tracks. Along with audio input also comes the Rosario gadget for guitar amp simulation and multi-effects, so your Gadget tracks do not need to be made with only virtual instruments anymore.

The existing Gadget line-up already includes the original gadgets, but also KORG classics introduced later, such as the legendary M1 synth in the form of the KORG iM1 app for iOS (US $14.99 in the sale) – if you purchase it on the App Store, Gadget will detect and activate it.

The same applies to the KORG iWAVESTATION app for iOS (US $14.99 in the sale, with in-app purchases for additional sound cards for 40 % off), which gives you all the sound content available for the original KORG Wavestation synth for peanuts compared to the original, complete with improvements.

The third big gun is KORG’s version of the ARP Odyssey, in the form of the ARP ODYSSEi app for iOS (US $14.99 in the sale). If these won’t give you the synth sound you want, then it’s time to make your own, and these synths really deliver on that front.

Add to that the easy export of your Gadget projects as Ableton Live sets, and Ableton Link compatibility, and you have a very powerful music workstation on your iPad (and iPhone, although more screen real estate is definitely better here).

The full version of KORG Gadget for iOS is available on the App Store for the reduced price of US $19.99 until August 20 (the link should take you to your local App Store):



KORG Gadget for Mac

The Mac version of Gadget was released earlier this year, and while it is essentially the iOS version ported for macOS, there are some significant differences in presentation and content.

The macOS version uses the larger screen of the Mac for a 4-up display. Obviously this scheme works better on a 21″ iMac display, say, than a 13″ MacBook. Also, the macOS version gives you all the gadgets without any additional in-app purchases, unlike in the iOS version.

KORG’s decision to not distribute the macOS version of Gadget through the Mac App Store, but through their own web shop, does rob them of the opportunity to conveniently introduce new gadgets and monetise them like on the iOS version, but as long as any new gadgets become available through updates to the desktop app, there is no reason for the user to complain.

All the gadgets in the macOS version are available to other DAWs on your Mac as both Audio Units and VST plug-ins, so you can use them in Logic Pro X*, Cubase, and Ableton Live.

Purchase KORG Gadget for Mac in the KORG Shop: korg-gadget-for-mac.html


Cubasis updated to 2.2, classic drum machines available

If you’re looking for an iPad DAW that has maximum likeness with the desktop workhorses, with a traditional lane-based sequencer and track-based effects, then GarageBand for iOS* may be too streamlined for you. Steinberg’s Cubasis* will be especially familiar to users of Cubase on Windows or macOS, but also to any user of a linear sequencer like Logic Pro X*. Newcomers may find Cubasis a little overwhelming, but if you can tackle the learning curve, it will not let you down as your needs grow to be more complicated.

The latest Cubasis 2.2 update* adds two features likely to help you put tracks together fast: Note Repeat for the easier programming of beats, and Track Duplicate for making exact copies of tracks and their settings.

There is also a new in-app purchase: Classic Machines gives you the sounds and some of the programmability of ten legendary drum machines. Obviously, names like SIX, EIGHT, NINE, LD1 and LD2 point to certain vintage beatboxes, without claiming to be exact clones.

There are also the usual fixes and improvements of a new version, and Cubasis supports Inter-app Audio, Audiobus and Audio Units. So in addition to the included Micrologue, MicroSonic, MiniSampler and the Roomworks SE reverb you get if you register the app with Steinberg, you can expand your options with synths and effects from the App Store.

Steinberg is running a summer sale on both Cubasis 2 and its in-app purchases through to July 18, 2017, so now would be a good time to snap it up at half price.



* = App Store and Mac App Store affiliate links

Logic Pro X 10.3 – uudet ominaisuudet

Apple päivittää Logic Pro X -ohjelmistoa verrattain usein, ja jokaisessa isomman numeroisessa päivityksessä on yleensä uusia ominaisuuksia, vikakorjausten lisäksi. Edellinen isomman alanumeron päivitys eli Logic Pro X 10.2 ilmestyi elokuussa 2015, ja sen isoin uusi juttu oli Alchemy-syntesoija. Tähän 10.2-versioon tuli lopulta neljä muutakin päivitystä, joista viimeinen eli 10.2.4 tuli kesäkuussa 2016.

Tammikuussa 2017 Apple julkisti Logic Pro X 10.3:n, jossa pantiin koko ohjelman ulkoasu pitkälti uusiksi. Nykyinen, litteämpi ja kirkkaampisävyinen ulkoasu sointuu enemmän yhteen macOS Sierran kanssa, vaikka tämä versio toimii vielä myös OS X 10.11:ssa eli El Capitanissa.

Versiossa 10.3 tuli myös tuki uusien MacBook Pro -tietokoneiden Touch Barille, joka on jakanut mielipiteitä kovasti. Toiset pitävät Touch Baria täysin turhana, ja toiset taas erittäin hyödyllisenä lisänä. Itse otan kantaa asiaan vain teoriassa, koska en ole Touch Baria käyttänyt, mutta se vaikuttaa hyödylliseltä ohjausmenetelmältä. Logic Pro X:ssä Touch Barilla voi ilmeisesti ainakin soitella virtuaali-instrumentteja.

Logicista ei ole iOS-versiota iPhonelle ja iPadille, mutta Logic Pro X 10.3 on nyt yhteensopiva GarageBandin version 2.2 kanssa. Tallentamalla Logic-projektin iCloudiin sen voi avata iPhonessa ja iPadissä GarageBandin uusimmalla versiolla, sekä päinvastoin, eli jos tulee mieleen ideoita vaikka työmatkalla, ne voi tallennella iPhonen GarageBandillä ja jatkojalostaa sitten Logicilla kunhan pääsee ison koneen ääreen. Lisäksi Logic Pro X tukee vaihtoehtoisia raitoja sekä valitun osion prosessointia (koko raidan sijasta). Aikaavievä audion renderöinti voidaan nyt tehdä yhdelle valitulle osiolle.

Äänenkäsittelyn osalta versiossa 10.3 on vielä yksi iso tekninen parannus: Logicin summain on nyt 64-bittinen, eli ohjelman se osa, joka kokoaa raitoja yhteen, on nyt tarkkuudeltaan parempi. Lisäksi sen yhteydessä voi nyt käyttää yhteensä 192 signaaliväylää eli ”bussia”.

Logic Pro X 10.3 on siis omalla tavallaan yhtä iso päivitys kuin aiemmat 10.1 ja 10.2 ovat olleet. Huomattavaa on myös se, että jos olet ostanut Logic Pro X 10.0:n esimerkiksi sen ilmestymisvuonna 2013 hintaan 179,99 €, olet saanut nämä kaikki uudet ominaisuudet ja parannukset ilmaisina päivityksinä jo lähes neljän vuoden ajan. Itse asiassa kevään 2017 aikana on saatu toinenkin päivitys, eli pikkuvikoja korjaava 10.3.1.

Jos ostat Logic Pro X:n vasta nyt Mac App Storesta, diili ei olekaan ihan niin loistava, mutta silti erittäin hyvä. Valuuttakurssien muutosten takia Apple nosti nimittäin keväällä Mac App Storen eurohintoja. Logic Pro X:n hinta on nyt 229,99 €, joka silti on tämän laajuisesta DAW-ohjelmasta aika lailla pilkkahinta.

Osta Logic Pro X Mac App Storesta

Logic Pro X -kirjallisuutta

Kesäkuussa 2017 pitäisi ilmestyä uusi 10.3-versio David Nahmanin kirjoittamasta virallisesta Logic Pro X -sertifiointioppaasta. Kustantaja Pearsonin mukaan virallinen julkaisupäivä olisi 12.6.2017. Kirjasta tulee todennäköisesti myös elektroninen iBooks-versio.

Logic Pro X 10.3 – Apple Pro Training Series: Professional Music Production

Logic Pro X:n viralliset ohjekirjat on päivitetty versioon 10.3 pian sen ilmestymisen jälkeen, ja ne ovat saatavissa ilmaiseksi iBooks Storesta:

Holiday sales for iPad musicians

So your wallet survived Black Friday and Cyber Monday? It’s not over yet, now start the holiday sales. If you are an iPad musician, you owe yourself to check out these deals, since they are a great opportunity to stock up on amazing iOS music apps.

Here is a roundup of the sweetest end-of-year / holiday deals I could find. Prices are quoted at the time of writing, and may change at any time (probably won’t until their respective deadlines, but don’t blame me if they do).

Native Instruments iMASCHINE 2 is $4.99 (normally $9.99) – no indication of when the sale ends, but it is an essential purchase.

Elastic Drums half price ($4.99 not $9.99) until end of 2016:
Elastic Drums – O-G-SUS

Cubasis 2 special price until January 9, 2017 (now $24.99, regular price $49.99):
Cubasis 2 – Mobile Music Creation System – Steinberg Media Technologies GmbH

KORG iWavestation 33 % off until January 5, 2017 ($19.99 instead of $29.99 )

KORG Gadget 50 % off until January 5, 2017 ($19.99 instead of $39.99). In-app purchases are also discounted 33–50%.

KORG iM1 50 % off until January 5, 2017 ($14.99 instead of $29.99)

IK Multimedia Amplitude is 40 % off at $11.99 (regular $19.99) until December 31, 2016. Also some in-app purchases are discounted.
AmpliTube for iPad – IK Multimedia
AmpliTube – IK Multimedia

IK Multimedia UltraTuner for iPhone is $5.99 (regular $9.99) until December 31, 2016.
UltraTuner – Ultra Precise Chromatic Tuner for Guitar, Bass, Strings, Brass and More – IK Multimedia

IK Multimedia SampleTank is $11.99 (regular $19.99) until December 31, 2016.
SampleTank – IK Multimedia

Quantiloop live looper is $5.99 instead of $9.99. Grab it now, version 2 incoming!
Quantiloop – Live Quantizing Looper – Stephan Marx

Alexandernaut’s amazing Fugue Machine is on sale through January 12, 2017 (and all other Alexandernaut apps too).
Fugue Machine | multi-playhead sequencer – Alexandernaut

I don’t know how long the Arturia sale will last, but iSEM, iMini and iProphet are still $4.99 each, and iSpark is $9.99.
iSEM Synthesizer – Arturia
iMini Synthesizer – Arturia
iProphet Synthesizer – Arturia
Arturia iSpark – Arturia

I’ll probably add more when I come across more. I have personally purchased all the apps mentioned here now or earlier, so I should be able to answer any questions you may have about how they work, individually or together through Inter-App Audio or Audiobus. Many of these apps also work on the iPhone, but some have separate versions for tablet and phone.